Isobel was born Jamaican and has lived her whole life in the Jamaican sun. She is a part-time model, available for special modeling engagements, sponsored by reputable companies and institutions. Isobel essentially put modeling on hold as a teenager, as she persued a tennis career. She was one of the top female junior tennis players in Jamaica and attended the famous Bollettieri tennis academy in Florida for one year.

Now, Isobel is ready to use her life experience for modeling and hopes to find professional, serious people who believe that her look can support the marketing and advertising goals of major clients. Isobel does not do nude or implied nudes and only works with reputable, established, professional companies. Most of her time is spent in the country she loves, Jamaica, but she will travel. She will not travel with individuals and reserves the right to bring an escort on all assignments. For companies and agencies that want to employ her for gigs, please contact her using the contact information given to you by Isobel and/or her agents.

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